The Top 10 Outcomes of Great Coaching

Challenging questions, affirming feedback and fresh insights make coaching an often exhilarating process. But so what? Is it making a real difference in the work or career of the person being coached? There is only one way to measure the effectiveness of coaching and that is by measuring the outcomes… and here are the top ten.

Has the person you are coaching:

1. Raised their standards of performance and career ambitions to scary heights.
2. Redesigned how their precious time, attention and energy is invested.
3. Eliminated those once-important practices and habits that no longer serve them well.
4. Challenged and laid bare their most closely-held beliefs and assumptions.
5. Set unbelievably ambitious goals for themselves
6. De-junked their lives of incessant time-wasters, stresses and distractions.
7. Gained a greatly enlarged view of their amazing strengths and capabilities.
8. Confronted and slayed the principal demons that had been blocking their way forward.
9. Rediscovered their playful, creative side that had long been held in exile.
10. Re-acquired a radical passion for work, life and the well-being of others.

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